Still Life with Apricots and Lemon

This is still life inspired by Chagall that I painted over the holidays in 2019. This painting is inspired by Chagall’s Still Life with a Basket of Oranges, 1965. I used a photo reference of a still life set up with apricots, a lemon and a porcelain jug of flowers and then applied a similar colour palette to the image and tried to include the loose geometric background elements of Chagall’s painting.

There is much to be learned from imitating great artists, in this case the palette was a departure from my normal choices, but I was very pleased with outcome and it stretched my thinking about future colour choices among other thoughts.

Still Life with Apricots and Lemon, after Chagall

Acrylic on Canvas

22″ x 22″

2019 – Not for sale.


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