Viviva Collaboration Workshop

“Summer Hill”

Impressionist Landscape Workshop in Collaboration with Viviva Colorsheets

Join me for this beginner friendly workshop, pre-recorded on Vimeo to learn the skills to create two impressionist watercolour landscapes using Viviva Colorsheets. I have teamed up the lovely people at Viviva to bring you their colorsheets which inspired these brilliant landscapes and the workshop.

Click here to visit their website and purchase the spring colorsheets used in the workshop.

In this one hour workshop we will create two impressionist landscape paintings “Summer Hill” and “Southwestern Sky”. You will learn the process of laying in the colours of the sky and land and then embellishing them in a couple of different ways. With the watercolour techniques you learn in the workshop you will later be able to create your own landscapes from life, photo references or your imagination! Once you sign up you will receive a link to the password protected workshop which you can watch anytime and rewind/pause/rewatch as many times as you wish.

Cost is $5.50 USD – click here to visit my Etsy shop listing to purchase access to the workshop.

“Southwestern Sky”

Along with the Viviva Colorsheet palette you will need good paper and a few other items, see my list below. I recommend using the best quality watercolour paper you can get, cotton rag is always my first choice! The folks at Viviva also have fantastic quality sketchbooks in cotton rag as well as cellulose based papers. Click here to see their sketchbooks.

The sketch books and colorsheets are ideal for painting on the go and will allow you use the skills you learn in the workshop to paint landscapes and other views en plein air. Add to your collection of these lovely little paintings the next time you are outdoors or travelling and see an inspiring view!

Supply List

Best Quality Watercolour Paper or Sketchbook – I recommend 140lb/300gsm Cotton Rag Papers or Sketchbooks (If using paper, cut or tear with a ruler to 4.5″ x 6″ sheets)

Piece of Cardboard Approx. 6″ x 8″ (This will be used to support sheets of taped down 4.5″ x 6″ paper if you are not using a sketchbook)

Viviva Colorsheets – Tammy Silbermann Art, Spring Palette

1 No. 8 Round Watercolour Brush

1 No. 2 Round Watercolour Brush

Paper Towels/Kitchen Roll

Two Jars or Containers for Water

White Porcelain/Ceramic/Plastic/Foam Plate or Dish for Mixing/Palette

Painter’s Tape, White, Lavender or Green

1 Small Spray Bottle or Mister (Optional but nice to have.)

Please feel free to message me with any questions regarding the workshop!

“Southwestern Sky II”
“Summer Hill II”